Is my data safe with Alias URL Shortener?

How does Alias URL Shortener protect user data?

We care about your privacy and we take all necessary steps to minimize the data we collect about you.

Only the data that is entered by you is stored on our databases. We don't track or collect any IP address, not yours not your users that click on links created by you.

Data collected:

  1. If you are an unregistered user, then only the links you create are stored on the database. None of those links can be linked to you.
  2. If you are an registered user, the links you create with their respective clicks are stored in the database.
  3. The information given by you at the time of registration is stored and secured in the database.

We don't sell or see your data. We respect your privacy that's why we don't have ads on our website, so that ads don't follow you to our website.

How is it stored:

  1. The data is stored on encrypted database. The data is encrypted at rest and actively monitored.
  2. The data is transit (i.e. in way from you to server) is also encrypted by HTTPS protocol.

Third party tools we use:

  1. We use Google Analytics to monitor site usage. How they handle the data is specified here
  2. We use Microsoft Clarity to check site usage. You can find their privacy policy here.

Since we don't show ads and sell your data, then how do we make money? You can find the information in this article.